Outdoor Appliance Safety And Side Effects

The dangers of carbon monoxide are everywhere and while some of us are more aware, other people still do not understand where the dangers can come from, as can be see in the article below. For further help click here.   A Perth woman has suffered serious carbon monoxide poisoning […] Read more »

Awareness While Camping

Carbon monoxide detection around the home is something we should all be aware of but we also need to think about CO poisoning when we are on a camping trip. The article below highlights the need for awareness at all times. Most, if not all death from carbon monoxide could […] Read more »

CO Facts And Advice

The following article has some great advice about carbon monoxide and some facts everyone should know. This is aimed at student but I think it is an article everyone can benefit from. You can learn more about carbon monoxide from our about.me page. What is Carbon Monoxide and how dangerous […] Read more »

The Silent Killer

On Tuesday the funeral will be held of a man who died from CO poisoning. This deadly gas can strike at any time causing many health problems and as you can see from the article below, unfortunate deaths. THE funeral will take place on Tuesday of a man who died […] Read more »

  Great Safety video from Wales and West. Watch this and be sure you understand what to look for with the effects of CO poisoning. Read more »

Long Term Effects Of Poisoning

Mild symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include headaches, vomiting and nausea. Obviously, there are many different causes that could create these symptoms, such as flu. This can often lead to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning being overlooked, therefore it is important to understand some facts about Carbon Monoxide.   […] Read more »