Mild symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include headaches, vomiting and nausea. Obviously, there are many different causes that could create these symptoms, such as flu. This can often lead to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning being overlooked, therefore it is important to understand some facts about Carbon Monoxide.


 With moderate exposure to the gas, effects becomes more pronounced. The victim may feel weak and dizzy. There can be problems being able to concentrate and think clearly along with being unsteady. Some other noticeable symptoms can be drowsiness, a change in behaviour and possibly shortness of breath.


Severe exposure can lead to seizures and in the worse cases, coma and even death.


CO poisoning will starve the bodies organs of oxygen and this can lead to brain injuries. The brain
injury can cause problems with memory, behaviours and other neurological problems. In some victims it can lead to symptoms that may look like the person had Parkinson’s disease and needs to be treated immediately.
Some of the deterioration experience may not present itself until anything from a few days to 5 or 6 weeks after the exposure has occurred.


Exposure to lower levels of over a long period may well go unrecognised by the person or people experiencing it. These symptoms are only mild and could just be regular headaches and some light headedness. People who experience this are aware something is wrong with them but usually can not tell what the problem is. Some people will put it down to working too hard or depression or lack of sleep. What they need to think about is, do these symptoms disappear when out at work or any other place than home.


The majority of people that are exposed to low levels of co poisoning tend to recover when the problem with the offending appliance is fixed.
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