A Guide To Installation


The battery that is installed in a CO sensor should be installed by a competent person. The definition of competent person can be found by searching the internet but generally means a person who has the knowledge to install them safely to an acceptable standard.


To start, open the battery cover, check the polarity of the battery compartment and ensure you place them in, in the correct way. The majority of CO detectors from brands such as Kidde take AA batteries which are readily available in most shops. Try to choose a good quality battery rather than a cheaper make. Cheaper brands do not always have the correct amount of power required and do not last as long. If the batteries require replacing, then dispose of the old batteries as per the manufacturers instructions. For your safety and to ensure the continuing use of your CO alarm then you should change the batteries around once a year.


When it comes to the mounting of a gas tester, it can be either mounted on to a wall or placed on a surface. Installing the alarm on a wall will usually mean drilling holes, perhaps installing plasterboard fixing and attaching the alarm with screws. Alternatively, you can simply place the alarm in a suitable position.

The position should be such that the alarms lights, LED’s can be seen at eye level so that can be monitored easily when passing. You should be aware of the position if you have young children who maybe likely to grab and tamper with it. So, it should be in a position of a height you can easily monitor but also it is safe from prying hands.

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