U.K Made To European Standards


There are some things you will need to check when it comes to buying a U.K made carbon monoxide alarms.

The sensors themselves in the alarms will not last forever. You should check what the individual manufacturer says about the detectors life time and make sure you replace it within the required time.

Prior to buying your alarm, check to make sure it complies with British Standards and also carries an approval mark such as the British Kitemark or a European equivalent. The performance quality of alarms has become a lot more stringent in the last few years, which means some will react more quickly than others.

Also make sure you take a look at the instructions about how you go about testing your alarm and how often you should be testing it. There a number of different brands such as Kidde carbon monoxide alarms.

Remember to check recommendations for where the detector should be located.
During recent checks it was found that around twenty per cent of alarms were not
fitted in the proper place. These locations can be checked in manufacturer instructions.

There are many U.K made CO alarms available on Amazon and most of them are going to be good enough to put into your house. There are some cosmetic choices that can be made and choices on the type of alarm you might want. There are ones available that have digital displays available that will give you readings of gas levels along with more basic ones that will have simple LED lights and each emit a warning when the gas is sensed. There are even simpler detectors that can be purchased and they are spot detectors that change colour when CO is detected. There are, however issues with the fact you would have to remember to check it daily and if there is suddenly a leak which is high in concentration then a spot style alarm will not give a quick enough warning.


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