Firefighters And Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide does not just come from faulty fuel burning appliances, it can be generated in a number of different ways and can target various people just there to do their jobs. The following article reviews how firefighters can be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning, more articles available here.   […] Read more »

Alarms rescue families

Further carbon monoxide alerts occured in the Devon and Cornwall area of the country. Our first story happened near the town of Helston in Cornwall where a carbon monoxide alarm potentially saved the lives of a family. This should be a wake up call to use all to have any […] Read more »

The Dangers Lie Everywhere

Another carbon monoxide scare happened a couple of days ago. Most reported occurances are from individuals in residential situations, however in this instance it was a London office and its workers that were effected. Five business people were taken to hospital after a carbon monoxide leak sparked the evacuation of […] Read more »

Admitted To Hospital For CO Poisoning

Most of us understand the dangers that carbon monoxide can bring yet there are still instances of carbon monoxide poisoning reported in the news. Most of these news reports are, unfortunately of tragedies that have occured but it must be noted that there are a numerous more instances of CO […] Read more »


Learn About Poisoning Before any house or any members of the household are exposed to carbon monoxide, each home should consider prevention.   The first step to helping to prevent CO poisoning is to ensure the proper installation of a sensor that meets the appropriate standards.   Ensure that a […] Read more »