Treatment For CO Poisoning


If you think a person is suffering from co poisoning, the first thing you should do is take the person outside into fresh air. Although this will only help to alleviate only minor symptoms. For more serious poisoning, then an ambulance should be called immediately. Another thing you should do is call the fire brigade along with a gas safe engineer.


The effected building should be ventilated and tested. The gas safe engineer will test any gas appliances and turn off the one with the problem. This appliance will then need to be replaced or repaired and the building tested again for carbon monoxide. Also an alarm for this gas should be installed to prevent further problems.


The hospital should look for any respiratory issues and perform blood test to check for the
levels of the toxic poisoning present in the blood. Doctors should administer oxygen and provide assisted breathing if required. For patients that have severe poisoning, an oxygen may need to be used.


The bloods haemoglobin needs to be tested and a saline drip is also a good idea. In some severe cases of poisoning the body may suffer seizures and this will need to be monitored. The heart beat should be constantly checked for any abnormal changes.


Obviously prevention is better than cure and watching out for carbon monoxide symptoms and knowing what they are is important to know. In very severe cases it maybe too late to even notice that you are having symptoms as the person may collapse. In less severe cases, the person may just feel fatigued, nauseous and suffer from a headaches and flu type symptoms. If these symptoms are experienced on a regular basis it will be a good time to get a CO alarm.
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